Our Farms

7 acres
80 crops grown
1st Gen Farmer
29 Miles
SWF is a certified organic farm who's goal is to improve how produce is grown, harvested and...
WA: Snohomish
10 acres
125 crops grown
1st Gen Farmer
38 Miles
Originally, Anna and Vince found 10 acres and a little house in 2008 and started clearing...
WA: Snohomish
4 acres
60 crops grown
1st Gen Farmers
34 Miles
Petrina and Jonathan use sustainable growing practices such as cover crops, compost, and crop...
1 acres
45 crops grown
1st Gen Farmer
37 Miles
Located behind a nondescript house in Snohomish, we produce large amounts of high-quality produce...
44 acres
5 Anim crops grown
4th Gen Farm
48 Miles
Sky Valley uses no antibiotics or chemicals in our fields or on our animals. In summer, hens live...
1/4 acres
7 crops grown
1st Gen Farmer
35 Miles
Will has been growing mushrooms since high school and started his farm in his backyard in 2011....
122 acres
N/A crops grown
Local Donor
30 Miles
Cherry Valley Dairy has been an architectural and agricultural feature for more than 80 years....
10 acres
N/A crops grown
1st Gen Farmers
60 Miles
At Lost Peacock Creamery the goats have wings, the pigs have polka dots, and the trees hug us...
3 acres
40 crops grown
1st Gen Farmer
21 Miles
Erik worked on habitat restoration projects prior to farming. Using a small plot, he leverages...
35 acres
15 crops grown
4th Gen Fam
140 Miles
Collins offers a wide range of the most delicious varieties they can grow. They prune their trees...
2 acres
30 crops grown
Immigrant Owned
45 Miles
Francis and Elizabeth immigrated from Kenya 10 years ago and seven years ago they participated in...
55 acres
80 crops grown
Cedar Grove Compost
18 Miles
Cedar Grove Composting re-activated a dormant farm and hired Arturo, a local legend for his work...
6 acres
72 crops grown
1st Gen Farmers
65 miles
After farming for years in California, Nelida moved to Washington, where she learned organic...
1.5 acres
135 crops grown
1st Gen Farm
38 Miles
OSF relies on the natural systems of the soil and nature. The farm runs alongside Weeds Creek and...
80 acres
N/A crops grown
1st Gen Farmers
75 Miles
Originally from the Netherlands, Anita and Peter missed the taste of cheese from their homeland....
N/A acres
N/A crops grown
Team of 2
85 Miles
Mark and Mick just love cheese. Their Milk is from nearby Twin Brook Creamy and from rBST free...
5 acres
1 crops grown
1st Gen Farmer
70 Miles
Established in 1947, Bow Hill Blueberries is the site of the oldest family-run blueberry farm in...
25 acres
40 crops grown
1st Gen Farmer
65 Miles
Boldly Grown Farms primary focus is on storage crops — winter squash, beets, carrots, radicchio,...
2.5 acres
1 crops grown
1st Gen Farmer
100 Miles
In business since 2005, Alex has been hunting mushrooms since he was a kid and eventually got a...
42 acres
300 crops grown
110 Miles
CMFC started in 1978 and eventually evolved into a nonprofit in 2011. It's dedicated to building...
350 acres
3 crops grown
1st Gen Family
180 Miles
Steve grows apples, cherries, and pears, though has family roots growing grapes in Lebanon's...
WA: Wenatchee
8,000 acres
5 crops grown
5th Gen Farmer
150 Miles
One of the larger orchard owning families, the Mathisons are a close-knit family with a farming...
12 acres
1st Gen Farmers
37 Miles
Sunnyside Organic Farm is a WSDA certified organic farm on Sunnyside Boulevard in Lake Stevens,...
WA: Puyallup
140 acres
8 crops grown
1st Gen Family
35 Miles
Born in Punjab, India, Chet came from a farming family. He came to the US in the early 80s and...
230 acres
5 crops grown
1st Gen Family
195 Miles
In 2004 we started Bluebird Grain Farms as a husband and wife team because we could not find...