Meet The Team
Just a bunch of VegHeads


As our lead warehouse associate, Alesia (She/Her) plays a major role in our workspace and is a beloved team member. She helps to weigh out our portioned items, keeps the warehouse tidy, and brings us beautiful artwork  and beads to keep the office looking cheery.

When she isn't cracking us up around our warehouse, Alesia likes to spend time with her family, go to the park, and craft. She loves hamburgers and grapes, but not as much as she loves cookies and High School Musical! Every workplace needs a prankster and Alesia is among the very best.



Austin (He/Him) is the co-owner of PCH. He brings over a decade of experience in local food and agriculture to our team, including work as a farmer in Wisconsin, where he's from.

Austin is mainly involved with our wholesale arm, Farmstand Local Foods, and he works closely with our partner farmers to keep the market stocked with all of your favorite seasonal items! He is also the main author of PCH's Weekly Emails and the residing warehouse ping pong champ!


Boris (He/Him) is a proud Santiaguino, born and raised in the beautiful country of Chile. He moved to Seattle in 2015 and has been with PCH since 2019.

Boris is our warehouse manager, and really keeps us all in line over here! He has a background in psychology, is a rapper (shout out to the Tobi Jackson Crew), basketball player, family man, and huge soccer fan.


Chris (He/Him) is the co-owner of PCH and has been leading our team since 2017! He provides support by building efficient, lean systems to streamline our operations & logistics. He is passionate about contributing to positive change in our food system and helping you experience what it truly means to eat local. 

Outside of work he enjoys adventuring with his partner Whitney & pup Nella, grilling veggies, and doing Sudoku.


Casey (He/They) leads warehouse aggregation and vehicle maintenance, in addition to being involved with all things warehouse operations. We have been lucky to have him as a core part of our team since 2020.

Casey has a culinary background from years working in the backstage catering industry and in bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. Casey enjoys writing short fiction, hanging out with more skilled musicians, old video games, and poorly-produced movies.


Elise (She/Her) is our food access coordinator and wholesale market manager. She oversees food procurement and logistics for PCH's Harvest Bag Program, which provides fresh fruits and veggies to preschoolers and their families throughout Seattle.

Elise loves how, with each delivery, PCH customers are educated about the foods that they eat and are connected to the local farmers (the real MVPs) who grow their food.


From WWOOFING on organic farms and orchards to cooking in commercial kitchens, Jared (He/Him) has always had a passion for working within the local food community. He is an avid fermenter and loves creating new and exciting flavors to be enjoyed by his friends and family.

As our Product supervisor, Jared handles inventory and ordering, ensuring every item that goes into the bag is of top quality!

In his off time, he loves hiking, camping, and looking at the world through a windshield.


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