Meet The Team
Just a bunch of VegHeads


Chris is the owner and General Manager of Pacific Coast Harvest. When he's not working (which is most of the time) you might find Chris climbing mountains with his girlfriend and Nella the golden retriever, honing his pickleball skills, and spending time with his family over in the Chelan area.


For a long time, Kailyn's loved every aspect of farming. She's scooped horse poop, harvested apples, built outhouses, torn down vineyards, and milked cows. Getting work done and doing it efficiently is what she does with the brightest smile and friendliest attitude.

At PCH, Kailyn is the operations manager. She counts the apples, coordinates the bag packing, and dispatches the drivers.

She's also the president of Mudhens Rugby and loves gardening.


As our lead warehouse associate, Alesia is a major player in our workspace and beloved team member. Alesia handles weighing out our portioned items, keeping the warehouse tidy, and bringing us colorful egg designs to keep the office looking cheery.

When she isn't cracking us up around our warehouse, Alesia likes to spend time with her family, go to the park, and craft. She loves hamburgers and grapes, but not as much as she loves cookies and High School Musical! Every workplace needs a prankster and Alesia is among the very best.


From WWOOFING on organic farms and orchards to cooking in commercial kitchens, Jared has always had a passion for working within the local food community. He is an avid fermenter and loves creating new and exciting flavors to be enjoyed by his friends and family.

As our Product supervisor, Jared handles inventory and ordering, ensuring every item that goes into the bag is of top quality!

In his off time, he loves hiking, camping, and looking at the world through a windshield


Boris developed a love of plants growing up in Santiago, Chile as he watched his grandmother turn every part of their small yard into a beautiful, exotic garden. He moved to Seattle in 2015 and has loved being on a team of like minded people since joining PCH last year.

Boris is our Packing supervisor and the friendliest guy at PCH! Plus, he's he's great at his job!

He loves soccer, music and exploring all the beauty Washington has to offer with his wife and two daughters.


Sean has been a PCH team member since we were small beans on the local scene! After taking a break to hike the Pacific Crest Trail in the summer of 2019, he joined back up and has been a game changer in our operations.

As our Driver Supervisor, Sean is a master of creating efficient routes and helping manage the day-to-day operations at our warehouse.

Hailing from Maine, Sean has farmed all around the country and has made a home for himself here in the PNW. With his dog Burger by his side, Sean enjoys exploring the PNW, growing mushrooms, and Little Lads Herbal Corn.


Originally from Montana, Cat has been eating her way through the fruitful PNW for a few years now! As a team member at Collins Family Orchards, you may have met her at one of the Seattle Farmer's Markets as well!

At PCH, Cat packs the bags, delivers them, and helps manage the office and customer service account.

When she's not laughing loudly in the warehouse, you can find her making various plant medicines from nature. Cat is your go-to gal for anything infused, fermented, or foraged!


Elise grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, before moving just outside of the Cascade Range in Washington State. She has also spent lots of time in the Canadian Rockies, and a year and a half trekking through the Andes in South America. The mountains are where Elise found her respect and appreciation for the planet, which is ultimately how she ended up at PCH!

All of Elise’s favorite things to do (including breathing oxygen and eating food) are made possible thanks to a healthy planet, so she has decided to dedicate herself to restoring and sustaining Earth’s natural processes.

Elise loves how, with each delivery, PCH customers are educated about the foods that they eat and connected to the local farmers that PCH sources from (the real MVPs). As she portions, packs, and delivers all sorts of delicious goods, she is also learning a ton about how a sustainable food system functions.


Fresh from the midwest, Julie is a classic Cancerian. She loves home projects, sharing meals with friends, writing music, and dancing in her living room to Cher.

Julie joined PCH as a warehouse packer and delivery driver, and enjoys buzzing around the city bringing top quality, sustainably-sourced food right to peoples' doorsteps. You might catch her listening to a favorite podcast on the road and rocking her classic teal hat!

Julie is super stoked to be part of a dedicated team working to connect local farmers with Seattle residents, as well as restaurants and food access organizations with Farmstand Local Foods. She is also very proud of her first batch of home-grown radishes (pictured here)!


Vienna likes fruits and veggies.

Does not like fun.


Delicious foods.
Highly motivated by coffee.
Cat dad to Tally (she's the real VIP).
Cares about sustainable sourced foods.
Hopes to change the directions of eating habits and the conversations in food.

Long time restaurant vet.

Occasionally does pop ups - watch for him!


Hiking with his pups, Nike and Titan
Leg day
The musical stylings of Carly Rae Jepsen and Lizzo
Long, romantic walks to the fridge

Venus Thigh Traps (Pants)


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