Meet The Team


Loving people, food, and turning crazy ideas into reality is what gets Chris up in the morning. He's been a math teacher in inner-city Detroit and been a lawyer for small businesses. But with family orchards in Chelan, WA, there's nothing like bringing the best local fruits and veggies to friends and neighbors.

At PCH, Chris handles coordinating with farmers and making sure the big picture comes together.

In his off time, you can find him smiling on100-mile bike rides, monitoring 1,000s of bees, or doing 10,000ft mountain climbs.


For a long time, Kailyn's loved every aspect of farming. She's scooped horse poop, harvested apples, built outhouses, torn down vineyards, and milked cows. Getting work done and doing it efficiently is what she does with the brightest smile and friendliest attitude.

At PCH, Kailyn is the operations lead. She counts the apples, coordinates the bag packing, and dispatches the drivers.

She's also the president of Mudhens Rugby and loves gardening. 


Food and community have always been near and dear to Amanda's heart. She's worked farmer's market, food rescue, and food banks. As a registered Dietician, she's committed to building sustainable food systems and community wellness.

At PCH, Amanda builds out nutritional information on fruits and veggies for customers and recipients of our low-income Harvest Bags program.

Some of her favorite past times are bike camping, trying new recipes with friends, and hanging out under the backyard fig tree with her chickens.


As our lead warehouse associate, Alesia is a major player in our workspace and beloved team member. Alesia handles weighing out our portioned items, keeping the warehouse tidy, and bringing us colorful egg designs to keep the office looking cheery.

When she isn’t cracking us up around our warehouse, Alesia likes to spend time with her family, go to the park, and craft. She loves hamburgers and grapes, but not as much as she loves cookies and High School Musical! Every workplace needs a prankster and Alesia is among the very best. 


From WWOOFING on organic farms and orchards to cooking in commercial kitchens, Jared has always had a passion for working within the local food community. He is an avid fermenter and loves creating new and exciting flavors to be enjoyed by his friends and family.

At PCH, Jared handles inventory and ensure every item that goes into the bag is of top quality and that the delivery arrives at your door safely.

In his off time, he loves hiking, camping, and looking at the world through a windshield


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