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Vision: A vibrant and equitable Puget Sound food system in which:

  • 30-80% of consumer’s food budget goes to shopping for and frequenting restaurants that substantially source from local, Small and Seasonal farms that use regenerative/sustainable* farming methods depending on the year
  • Food is sourced from fairly compensated farmers and food makers that their community sees as professionals
  • A local marketplace that is accessible to people from all income, racial, and ethnic communities and backgrounds

*Because our world is rapidly evolving, we’ll have to spend time each year understanding what farming practices are needed to preserve land, fight climate change, and promote food safety and nutritional density.


Mission: Contribute innovative expertise in logistics, technology, and marketing with a priority on collaborative partnerships to increase the overall economic activity and cultural importance of the local food economy in the Puget Sound.


By building out the sales channel for small & seasoned farmers, we’ll be strengthening our food system in three key ways:


  • Novice farmers will have a clear stepping stone towards making a career in farming
  • Stable sales channels provide these farms a consistent and reliable outlet from which they can build a business and potentially own their own land
  • The local community is supplied with high quality, locally grown and produced food that reinforces the understanding of the importance of preserving farmland


By providing streamlined logistics along with access to marketing and sales channels, which have historically been out of reach for most small farmers, we’ll allow them to focus on farming, build a business and a lifestyle that can open the door to a long-term career, and stewarding the land for generations to come.


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