Pure Nelida Organic Produce (WA)

After farming for years in California, Nelida moved to Washington, where she learned organic practices and gained experience growing 100% organic products that you can enjoy with total confidence. Pure Nelida produce is grown with the utmost honesty, effort, and skill unique to Nelida.

Nelida learned to cultivate food 30 years ago in the fields of California. Unfortunately, it was in the hot sun amongst pesticides. Her son past away from the leukemia that she suspects was due to his exposure to the pesticides. This is why she only grows organically now.

She farms as a part of Viva farms in Burlington, WA amongst many other farmers. Within the cadre there, she's known as an incredibly hard worker and a joy to be around. Her smile cultivates so many other smiles! :)

Nelida has been featured in two books:
Eat Less Water by Florencia Ramirez
The Color of Food by Natasha Bowens

See also a video about Nelida!


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