Sound Sustainable Farm (WA)

Cedar Grove Composting re-activated a dormant farm and hired Arturo, a local legend for his work ethic and farming knowledge. He only uses Cedar Grove compost and never uses synthetic sprays. Jamie handles the operations/sales and serves top restaurants like Aqua, El Gaucho, and more.

The goal of creating the farm was to complete the sustainable loop cycle with the many restaurants and local families that have their composting go to Cedar Grove. For PCH customers, if you compost, your scraps are ending up at one of Cedar Groves' composting areas.

Their fields are fertilized with their own certified organic compost and they're on the path to becoming certified organic. So they don't use synthetic insecticides, herbicides, or fungicides. So as you drive along NE 124th St in Redmond, waive to Jamie, Arturo, and the rest of the crew!

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