Sno-Valley Mushrooms

Will has been growing mushrooms since high school and started his farm in his backyard in 2011. Now, he and Rowan use no manure, pesticides, fertilizers, or synthetic chemicals. Instead, they inoculates sawdust from Red Alder and Cottonwood grown in Washington in a clean sterile grow room.

Specifically, SVM grows "lignivorous" (wood eating) mushrooms--ones that be found naturally growing on trees, logs, stumps, or woody debris. They cultivate their fungi on a red alder (alnus rubra) and cottonwood (populus trichocarpa) sawdust substrate that is supplemented with organic grains and hydrated with water from the creek adjacent to the farm.

They grow Shiitaki, Lions Mane, Blue Oyster, Piopinni, Cinnamon Cap, and other varieties.


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