Cherry Valley Dairy (WA)

Cherry Valley Dairy has been an architectural and agricultural feature for more than 80 years. In 2005, the dairy was purchased by eco-preneur Gretchen Garth. She refurbished the 122 acre dairy and creamery to be an example of how artisanal practices and environmental stewardship (including being certified salmon safe) can come together to nourish the community and respect the land.

Here's the current team doing daily operations:
Blain Hages - Head Cheesemaker AnnMarie Stickney - Land Manager Jhony Padilla - Herdsman Meghan McKenna - Asst Cheesemaker

In the dairy's past life, it 200-300 mixed breed cows, who's milk was sold in bulk fluid milk by the owner and sold principally to Beecher's Handmade cheeses. As part of their sustainability efforts over the past decade, they've reduced the herd to 30 Jersey cows which lean toward A2 genetics (initial research has found that A2 producing milk can cause less indigestion).

AnnMarie and Jhony never use bovine growth hormones on the herd. They strive to keep the cows' diets natural and free of unnecessary antibiotics, artificial additives and harmful chemicals. The Jersey herd spends the better part of the year grazing in an expansive, lush, and gorgeous meadow in the heart of the Snoqualmie Valley and alfalfa and oat hay in the winter when it's too wet to be int he pasture.

The CVD team started their own creamery in 2012. They now produce all of the cheese and dairy products in-house -- about 12,000 pounds of cheese and 9,000 pounds of award-winning butter-- all while leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

Cherry Valley's most recent awards from American Cheese Society:

2019 1742 entries from 257 companies

2nd Place: Meadow Bloom
Soft-ripened Cheeses Open Category - Soft-Ripened Cheeses - made from cow's milk

3rd Place: Fromage Blanc with Herbs (Seasonally Available from PCH)
Flavored Cheeses Fresh Unripened Cheese with Flavor Added - all milks

2nd Place: Coffee Butter (Seasonally Available from PCH)
Flavored Cheeses Butter with Flavor Added - all milks

1st Place: Herbed Rose Butter (Regularly Available from PCH)
Flavored Cheeses Butter with Flavor Added - all milks

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