Snap Into Summer
Summer is suddenly upon us! Whether you're lucky enough to have an air conditioner or you've stocked up on sunscreen, we're all looking to beat the heat as best we can--perhaps with summer vegetables! Salads, in their infinite possibility, are always great to balance out the fruits of the grill and sweltering weather.  From simply dressed greens to marinated fruits, these sides are a great way to get comfortable with balancing out a dish.
Here's a simple example that goes perfectly with fried fish, fatty meats, or any protein!  You'll need snap peas, arugula, zucchini, lemon, parsley, mint, olive oil, and salt.  Cut your zucchini into rough chunks before searing them hard in a dry pan.  While that's going, zest and juice the lemon and mix with your olive oil.  Chiffonade the herbs and run those through your dressing.  Chop the peas and toss everything together--serve it quick!

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