Rooting for Rutabagas
Most of the time winter crops won't make or break a farm. Usually to keep employees working, maintain cash flow, and keep relationships with buyers going, the winter crops fill their purpose. But it's disheartening because the crops that will make it through snow and rain--cabbages, certain kinds of kale, and other storage crops like rutabaga and turnips--don't sell super well.

Last week, I encouraged trying more local veggies into your diet. This week get all the local delicious goods and then next week, try expanding your pallet and cooking repertoire:

-bread and fry the thick parts of cabbage leaves

-julienne radishes last second into a stir fry for a natural spice

-mash rutabaga with some watercress

Enjoy the snow, stay warm, and use those locally grown carrots when you're building your snowmen!

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