Wing Tips
As bar-fare classics go, the hot wing is a perfect abstraction from which countless minor variations can blossom.  Buffalo's butter-and-hot-sauce, Chinese salt-and-pepper, and Nashville Hot are a few standards. Whether you're using a buttermilk soak, pickle juice, dry brine, or ginger-scallion-and-wine, you'll want to match up your style of battering-or-breading with the sauce and marinade--as well as your cooking method; typically fried.
Here's a fun variant of a Buffalo wing:  if you've got any blue cheese that's getting past its best-by date, crumble it up and freeze--it'll turn to a snow-like powder.  Section out your wings and score the skin.  Marinate with a paste of coriander, ginger, garlic, white pepper, salt, and vodka, beer, or wine.  Dredge with a 2:1 mix of rice flour and starch, mix an egg and alcohol in to make a batter.  Fry the wings until almost-cooked.  Let those rest on a rack while you grind up a blend of dried chilis and slice some shallots.  Get a pan hot and add a splash of frying oil along with the shallots, let infuse for a minute before adding your chili powder, sugar, salt, and vinegar.  Finish-fry the wings right before serving, toss in your sauce, and cover with the frozen cheese!

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