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Harvest suggestions released on Fridays.
Customize until Sunday 12pm for the upcoming week.

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Add eggs, honey, and other farm goods

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Seasonal Suggestions

Each Friday we suggestions items from the recent harvest. Choose the Cascadia box for only local suggestions or the Pacific Coast Harvest box for greater variety. Look inside and see some of the Puget Sound farms you can buy from!

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Marketing 270

local Grocer 2.0

Get bananas all year, bell peppers in winter, and apples in July. We're working hard to make buying local convenient and a part of the 21st Century. Each week you can swap or add from 40-50 other items just like at your local grocer.

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Predictable Delivery

Each week your delivery comes on the same day. Whether apartment, Seattle craftsman, or houseboat-- we'll get it to your door. We use only reusable, compostable, or recyclable materials in our transport.

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No Strings Attached

Choose for us to deliver weekly or every two weeks. Change your mind at any time. It’s easy to pause for a vacation or cancel completely. You're in control.

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