About us: The Story of Pacific Coast Harvest

How We Got Started

We founded Pacific Coast Harvest on a very simple idea: a few high school friends, a few local farmers, and one goal-making healthy eating easy for Seattle's families.

The idea grew from a few sources. Mike had worked at a local produce market during his high school summers. Tom was an experienced political doorbeller with a love of Washington apples. John was addicted to entrepreneurship, and had already started a business of his own. So we figured we'd take Mike's love of fresh produce, Tom's desire to help people get involved right from their home, and add John's love of local business...and start delivering delicious, local produce right to Seattle homes.

With a little seed money from close friends and family, we opened our doors in April 2011. We bought a 1999 Dodge mini van from a family member and embarked on our journey to "buy local first" and make eating fresh, organic produce convenient for Seattle's families. We forged relationships with local farmers and wholesalers. We built our own delivery boxes with cedar planks and re-purposed burlap coffee sacks. And we recruited our first customers the way Tom knew best: "(knock-knock) Hi! Have you ever had fresh, organic Washington produce delivered right to your door?"

Where We Are Today

As the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. The mini van is gone, but we still make our sustainable cedar-and-burlap boxes right here in Seattle. We're making new partnerships with Washington farmers every season, and we still supply the very best in fresh, organic produce.

There have been a few changes around here, though. Michael went off to learn how to be a doctor, and Tom went off to learn how to be a lawyer. John decided to embrace his love of Pho and went to teach English in East Asia with his sister. All of this meant it was time to bring on a new manager. Fortunately for all of us, Reece was looking for a fresh challenge and brought some great business experience to the table. He and his wife Claire--two more of our buddies from high school--make quite the team. It seems that every week they have a new great idea to make this little local business better, and we're thrilled to have them on board.

It's been over two and half years of late nights, long meetings, and lots of learning--but it's also been two and half years of thrilled families, exciting growth, and fun times with old friends.Thank you for doing your part to eat healthy, support local farmers, and make our little idea come to life! Here's to many more years of making healthy eating easy for Seattle's families.

Produce Farmers Market

*Where Mike first cut his teeth in the produce biz*





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