Spoon Full Farm

Spoonful Farm is loyal to soil. They build soil to grow diverse crops so that thriving microbiology in soil grows delicious, nutrient-dense plants, stores carbon underground in solid form, and cleans our air and water. So when you share Spoon Full Farm food with your loved ones, you thrive in good health, and so does the earth.

Mericos started the farm after enduring a significant injury that kept him from his two loves: lacrosse and finance work. He slid into depression and after exploring the countryside he came across "The Omnivore's Dilemma." Over time that book sunk in and he decided to work in agriculture. After a summer working at a grass-fed cattle farm in Oregon, he knew what he was meant to do.

Now, Mericos and his crew of spoons are working to make great food in sustainable ways. The raise livestock in an effort capture carbon into the soil when the animals consume plants and then their manure builds really great soil that grows strong plants. It's called many things, but one is Carbon Farming. This drive to be mindful of their efforts is also present in their art of growing delicious, beautiful food.


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