Nash's Organic Produce

Farming organically is the healthiest way to farm—for land, water, air, wildlife, and people. As a trained chemist, Nash understands what agricultural chemicals do to the environment and our health. They're constantly striving to create a sustainable agriculture system.

Nash studied chemistry but eventually left for the west coast. In 1979 Nash started farming. He kept some bees too. Eventually he and some other farmers founded the Port Angeles Farmers market.

Today, the team at Nash’s is farming about 600 acres: 75 acres of vegetables, berries and orchard; 250 acres of grain; 20 acres of organic seed; 50 acres devoted to pigs, poultry, and compost; and the rest is fallow or in hay. The farm employs about 35 people, making the it one of the larger private-sector employers in Sequim.

For one of the more detailed explanations of how and why they farm organically, head over to their website!

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