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Honey, Snoqualmie Pass Fireweed (Raw)


Rainy Day Bees (WA)

Honey harvested from the mountain hills and farmlands near Snoqualmie and Stevens Pass. Pure, Raw and unfiltered. 

“Raw Honey” means honey as it exists in the beehive or as obtained by extraction, settling, or straining; and that has not been heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit during production or storage, or pasteurized. It's the equivalent of eating honey straight from the hive or comb.

These bees never are fed high fructose corn syrup - a common practice in industrial beekeeping. And in the winter months, only when it's necessary (really cold), they feed their bees extra honeycomb they have on hand.

Honey is one of the few products in the world that never goes bad. It has low water content and somewhat high acid level, making it very unfavorable for bacteria to grow.

Store it at room temperature and away from a window so that it doesn't fluctuate significantly in temperature. It can lose some of its flavor. Crystallization may occur (which makes it act like a spread) and just warm it up by place jar in warm (not boiling) water for a little bit. Just be sure to keep the lid on tight so no water gets in. Some people also use the microwave, but be careful. If the honey gets too hot it'll pastuerize and lose some of it's flavor.

While it is sugar (though not refined!) there are some studies showing that it has some interesting health benefits.

Can't get much better than honey and peanut butter sandwhich, with some bananas in your box. Or maybe a warm, buttery roll!

Archeologists have discovered jars of honey entombed with Egyptian mummies, and the honey is still edible--even after thousands of years! Don’t worry, the honey that we sell is usually fresher ;)

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