Holiday Food Frenzy

November 28 - December 12


Total fundraising goal: 300 lbs of food

This holiday season, PCH is making it easy for you to donate food to local families in need. Donate the most, and you'll win a free PCH delivery for you and a friend. 


Step One:


Fill last week's empty PCH box with non-perishable food items (canned goods, granola bars, pasta, peanut butter, cereal, etc.)                           

Step Two:


We'll provide a card with your next delivery. Fill out your name and a description of the items you're donating, and drop that card in the box along with your food donation.                           


Step Three:


Put the PCH box full of gifted food on your porch. We'll pick it up, and take it to the food bank for you! Repeat the process the following week. Even if you don't have a delivery coming, we'll come pick up food from you- just shoot us an email.                          

The 3 PCH customers who donate the most food over the next two weeks (measured in weight) will receive:

1. Their next delivery free, AND

2. One gift-wrapped PCH delivery for a friend!

Let's get on with the givin'!


PCH will deliver all donations to:



Ballard Food Bank 




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