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"Pacific Coast Harvest is everything I had wanted Full Circle to be. Like Full Circle, they have a mix of local and imported produce. This is useful in the winter months, as a diet of kale and squash can become monotonous. Unlike Full Circle, they are a small local operation and therefore they can pay more attention to the quality of their produce. Customer service has been stellar, if they make a mistake they correct it promptly, cheerfully, and honestly. My small box is $25 a week and has more than enough produce to feed our two person household. A good ratio of fruits to vegetables, about half and half."

--Corrine, Jan. '13

I looked in to a few other CSAs, but decided on PCH from another friend's raves. I love that the produce comes weekly in a reusable no-frills cedar box. I have missed dropping my empty box outside before the week's new box comes, but the team has no problem with that. Only once, last October or November I believe, did I wake up and discover that my box was stolen from out front (I live in a secure building). They immediately scheduled a new delivery for me the next night and I haven't had any problems since. I have no problems using my single 1/2 and 1/2 box each week, but I also do make an effort to bring my lunch to work every day. I definitely recommend to others, which is easier as they've been expanding the delivery areas recently.

-- Kristen, Aug. '13

Fabulous! We just started getting a box (we get the all-veggie regular box for $34/week) and the vegetables we've received so far have been excellent. Their website can be a little buggy, but they are very prompt with email response and have great customer service. Delivery is quiet - we never hear them - and I love that they use a re-usable wooden crate (you put out the old one every week on your delivery date) instead of cardboard (which, let's face it, can get really soggy on the doorstep on certain rainy days). The list of the weekly box's contents goes up on Monday, and then you are able to request changes...Really love it so far! Would recommend.

--Ema, Nov. '12

LOVE LOVE LOVE this CSA. They are very accommodating in substituting your order as well as postponing a delivery when you are out of town. Compared to the CSA I had back in San Diego, Pacific Coast Harvest uses no plastic bags and delivers your produce in the night so you wake up (or stay up late enough some nights) to fruits/veggies that haven't been waiting all day in the sun. You also receive a recipe each delivery which is great for some of the items you may not have cooked with before!

Their website is also very convenient to update your orders and its great that they provide an option for every other week delivery as well as three different type of boxes: all vegetable, half fruit half vegetable and a Washington Box.

--Adi, Sept. '12

My wife bought their Yelp deal for me for my birthday last year and we've been getting delivery from them twice a month ever since. The produce is always super fresh and crisp, you can choose what you want in your box each week from their list of items, and their customer service is second to none. I've had nothing but great interactions with John and Michael and really appreciate the personal touch and knowing that I'm dealing with a small local company that is out to do good. I wake up excited to get my box every Thursday morning and can't wait to plan the week's meals based on what I find.

They are also offering cool extras like fresh eggs, gardening tips, recipes and daily deals. 

I highly recommend PCH...the more of us that sign up the better for us all!

--Jason, May '12


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